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Walter Eckersall


Walter Herbert Eckersall

Inducted 1951

Date of Birth



Chicago, IL


University of Chicago (1903-1906)


"The first time I learned a football was not only something to kick, but something to think with, was when I saw a great football player in action for the first time." Those were the words of Knute Rockne, and he spoke of Walter Eckersall. Rockne had seen the great Chicago quarterback playing in a high school all-star game in 1900. Rockne was just a youngster and Eckersall became his hero. Eckersall was the leader on coach Amos Alonzo Stagg's great Chicago teams at the turn of the 20th century. A three-time consensus All-America in a time when few players beyond the east gained recognition, Eckersall was a fast, slippery runner and an exceptional kicker. It was his coffin-corner punts which were credited as the death-blows to Michigan's 56-game winning streak when the Maroons downed the Wolverines, 2-0, in 1905. Several seasons later, after Rockne became the head coach at Notre Dame, Knute discovered Eckersall was slated to referee an Irish game in Chicago. "I've been waiting years for this," Rockne said to Eckersall. "For what?" Eckersall wanted to know. "To shake your hand.", Rockne blurted, quick to relay his memories of that high school all-star game so many years before. "Stop! Stop!", Eckersall interrupted, "Or Notre Dame will be penalized five yards for speech making."


Height 5'7

Weight 141

Career Highlights

  • 1906 All-Conference
  • 1906 Consensus All-America
  • 1905 Consensus All-America
  • 1904 Consensus All-America
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