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Ed Hall


Edward Kimball Hall

Inducted 1951

Date of Birth



Granville, IL


University of Illinois (1892-1893)


Although Edward Hall's coaching record at Illinois stood at 12-5-5 from 1892-1893, it is what he gave to football off the field that makes him a Hall of Fame member. Hall is credited with proposing and writing the first Football Code for players. In an era when the game was bloody and brutal, Hall attempted to set guidelines for proper conduct. It was a measurable contribution to the sport. Hall was an end and captain of the Dartmouth teams of the early 1890s, and later served six years as president of the Athletic Council at his alma mater. From 1892 through 1895, Hall was Director of Physical Education at Illinois. But starting in 1905, Hall began to leave his lasting impression on the game. That year, he began his term as secretary of the Intercollegiate Football Rules Committee and served in that capacity until 1911, when he was named chairman of the committee, and sat in that position until his death in 1932. During his administration, Hall wrote his "Code", which was promptly adopted and later appeared in the Official Football Guide. A natural leader in coaching garb or business suit, Hall was a vice-president of several corporations and a trustee of Dartmouth for nine years.


Wins 12

Losses 5

Ties 5

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