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Andy Kerr


Andrew Kerr

Inducted 1951

Date of Birth



Cheyenne, WY


Colgate University (1929-1946)

Lebanon Valley College (1947-1949)

Washington & Jefferson College (1926-1928)

Stanford University (1922-1923)


Andy Kerr became one of the greatest advocates of the lateral pass. He was the first coach to emphasize the downfield lateral, a rugby tactic which was to revolutionize American football offenses. "The public likes razzle-dazzle," he would explain, "but I use laterals mostly as whip-crackers beyond the scrimmage line - not behind serves to keep tacklers off balance." A mathematics teacher, Kerr learned his football as an assistant coach under Pop Warner at Pitt and Stanford and several observers felt Kerr taught the double-wing better than Warner. Kerr went on to a 26-year coaching career, compiling an overall record of 137-71-13 during campaigns at Stanford (1922-1923), Washington & Jefferson (1926-1928), Colgate (1929-1946) and Lebanon Valley (1947-1949). He hit the jackpot at Colgate when his 1932 team finished undefeated, untied, unscored-upon...and uninvited to the Rose Bowl. Kerr served 40 years with the Shrine East-West All-Star game at San Francisco, 23 years as East Coach, 1928-50, and 17 years as chairman of East Player selection Committee, 1951-67


Wins 137

Losses 71

Ties 14

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