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Show your team spirit and support the non-profit Hall of Fame. Your donation helps preserve the legacy of college football for fans and generations to come.

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Celebrating Excellence

Special exhibits and proprietary curriculum for students across the country recognize and elevate the esteemed values of teamwork, perseverance and integrity.

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Preserving Legacies

The history and legacy of our game are preserved through the collection and curation of over 150 years of stories and priceless artifacts.

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Inspiring Generations

The greatest players and coaches to ever take the field are immortalized to serve as role models for future generations.

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You can continue this great legacy by donating to the College Football Hall of Fame. As a donor, you are joining the greatest players and coaches enshrined in the heart of the Hall. Together we will protect, promote, and enhance the rich college football legacy we have inherited. When you contribute to the College Football Hall of Fame, you will pass the legacy on to future generations

"The College Football of Fame is the ultimate experience presenting the history of the game. An afternoon is well spent at the venue to expand a fan’s knowledge of the game. The video presentation is fantastic! My favorite part."

– Ed Jordan, Johns Creek, GA

Ed Jordan, Johns Creek, GA

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Choose your pathway to greatness with our diverse membership tiers, each offering unique privileges and tailored experiences to celebrate the legacy of college football

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Explore various ways to give, from donating artifacts to joining our legacy brick program. Consider planned giving to leave a lasting impact on college football's rich history.

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Artifact Donations

Preserve college football history through significant artifact contributions. Join us in commemorating the sport's rich heritage.

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Planned Gifts

Leave a lasting legacy for college football's future. Consider planned giving to support the preservation of the sport's rich history.

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Legacy Brick Program

Imprint your name in college football history. Join our legacy brick program and leave an enduring mark at the Hall of Fame.

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