All Play. No Game.

When it comes to college football fanaticism, no one can compete with our beloved mascot Fumbles.

On a chilly day in November 1869, Rutgers and Princeton played the first-ever game of college football in New Brunswick, N.J. and that same day, our favorite little fanimal, Fumbles, was born.  As a mascot raised in the birthplace of college football, Fumbles knew he was destined for greatness on the gridiron and each fall he dreamed of joining a team on the field. Fueled with passion, grit and determination he tried out for youthfootball, high school and even college teams, but he just couldn’t get a grip on the ball and the nickname “Fumbles” was born.


After his brief playing time on the field, Fumbles began to pursue other career options, including acting. Fumbles was too tall for many of the roles he auditioned for and you guessed it – he couldn’t hold onto the scripts! As he continued to search for the right career, Fumbles gleaned inspiration and motivation from his favorite college football legends and found his true purpose when he realized he could best serve the game by being its greatest fan.


Today, Fumbles is the self-proclaimed “realest college football fan,” and his unmatched spirit and enthusiasm for the game led him to join our team in August 2014 at The Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame in downtown Atlanta. His life mission is to ensure everyone visits the Hall to celebrate and honor the people, traditions and passion of the game. As our official mascot, Fumbles is the perfect fanimal to spread college football excitement and fandom to all.


If you’re looking for Fumbles, he can be found hanging out with his family of coworkers at the Hall and making surprise appearances during special events throughout the year. You’ll also see him dancing, high fiving and hugging fans at events around Atlanta and cheering on Atlanta sports teams with fellow mascots. And, next time you’re at Playoff Fan Central at the College Football National Championship, stop by and say hi to Fumbles, he’s never missed a Natty!


Fumbles’ ultimate goal is to entertain guests while celebrating the game we all love. His only wish is for every college football fan to visit him at the Hall and pay tribute to the Hall of Fame players and coaches who are enshrined here. There isn’t a mascot around who we’d rather have on our team than him (even if he misses every pass thrown his way in the SkillZone). If you spot Fumbles, get ready to be inspired by his love for the game and have your football heart warmed. 



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