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Red Grange


Harold Edward Grange

Inducted 1951

Date of Birth



Forksville, PA


University of Illinois (1923-1925)


Harold "Red" Grange was the miracle man of the 1920s, picked for the all-century team, named the "Galloping Ghost" because no one could catch him. During his time, Grange was to college football what Babe Ruth was to baseball. He was fast, elusive, football's greatest open-field runner up to his time. Here are some dates: October 6, 1923, the Grange makes his debut for Illinois against Nebraska with touchdown runs of 50, 35, 12 yards. October 18, 1924, he scores four touchdowns in the first 12 minutes against Michigan on runs of 95, 67, 56, 44 yards. For the day he carries the ball 21 times for 402 yards. November 8, 1924 he runs for 300 yards, passes for 177 against Chicago. October 31, 1925, Grange runs 36 times, gains 363 yards and has two 65-yard touchdowns against Pennsylvania. He played only 20 games in college but had 31 touchdowns and 3,362 yards. Over his career - high school at Wheaton, Illinois; college at Illinois, pro with the Chicago Bears, he carried the ball 4,103 times, gained 33,920 yards, an average of 8.4 per try. The three-time consensus All-America is still considered as one of the game's greatest players.


Height 5'11

Weight 175

Career Highlights

  • 1925 All-Conference
  • 1925 Consensus All-America
  • 1924 All-Conference
  • 1924 Conference MVP
  • 1924 Unanimous All-America
  • 1923 All-Conference
  • 1923 Consensus All-America
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