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Dana Bible


Dana Xenophon Bible

Inducted 1951

Date of Birth



Jefferson City, TN


University of Texas (1937-1946)

University of Nebraska (1929-1936)

Texas A&M University (1919-1927)

Mississippi College (1913-1915)

Louisiana State University (1917-1917)

Louisiana State University (1916-1916)


He was an intelligent, scripture-quoting son of a Latin and Greek scholar. Dana X. Bible's unspectacular coaching techniques brought solid, fundamental football to the Southwest. X stood for Xenophon, a Greek historian. At Mississippi College (1913-1915), LSU (1916), Texas A&M (1917, 1919-28), Nebraska (1926-36), Texas (1937-46) -33 years in all- Bible's teams rolled to a 198-72-23 record. Bible squads won a total of 14 conference championships. Bible frowned on fancy football. In his book, Championship Football, Bible outlined the importance of scouting an opponent. He required each of his scouts to answer 42 pages of mimeographed questions on each game, and fill out another eight pages with comments and diagrams. Bible was boss at all times, running his clubs in a logical, well-planned manner. Bible began his career as a prep coach in Tennessee, and diligently studied the outstanding gridiron mentors of his time. In 11 years at Texas A&M, Bible did not have a losing season. At Nebraska, he lost only three games in eight seasons of conference competition. At Texas, Bible went 55-13-2 in his last seven years.


Wins 198

Losses 72

Ties 23

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