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Ray Eichenlaub


Ray Joseph Eichenlaub

Inducted 1972

Date of Birth



Columbus, OH


University of Notre Dame (1911-1914)


The first great Notre Dame star was Ray Eichenlaub, who was a second-team All-America in 1914. He was such a campus legend that he became an inspirational figure. Notre Dame assistant football coach Knute Rockne was strolling across the South Bend campus one fall afternoon in 1917 when he came upon a young freshman named George Gipp. Rockne had been urging Gipp to come out for football. "I've got just the pair of cleats for you," the Rock told Gipp. "A special pair?" the young man wanted to know. "Yea," said Rockne, "they belonged to Ray Eichenlaub." " Who is he?" Gipp asked. "Around these parts he was known as a real Notre Dame man," Rockne replied. Of course, "The Gipper" went on to become a Notre Dame legend, something Eichenlaub had already done. Rockne had played end on the teams with "Iron Eich" and he knew the big fullback well. He admired this 210-pound back who was the bulwark of the Irish team - a big and strong runner blessed with a willingness to accept hard work. Eichenlaub bowled through opponents, scoring 176 points for his career. During the 1913 season, alone, Ray hammered out a dozen TDs in seven games.


Height 6'1

Weight 210

Career Highlights

  • 1913 Second Team All-America
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