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Bart Macomber


Franklin Bartlett Macomber

Inducted 1972

Date of Birth



Chicago, IL


University of Illinois (1914-1916)


When Bob Zuppke, Hall of Fame coach, moved from a high school post in Oak Park, Illinois to the University of Illinois, he took with him some of the Oak Park High School players. The best of these was Frank B. "Bart" Macomber. He was the Illinois leader three years, starting in 1914. The Illini were undefeated for two years, winning the Big Ten championship outright in 1914 and sharing it with Minnesota in 1915. The 1914 team was named by historian Parke Davis as co-national champion with Army. In 1915, Walter Camp named Macomber to his first All-America team, praising his "kicking and field generalship." Macomber was captain of the 1916 Illinois team and again gained All-America notice. In his three years, Illinois had a 15-3-3 record and scored 430 points to opponents' 105.


Height 5'9

Weight 183

Career Highlights

  • 1919 All-Conference
  • 1916 Second Team All-America
  • 1915 All-Conference
  • 1915 Consensus All-America
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