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Doug Bomeisler


Douglas Mortimer Bomeisler

Inducted 1972

Date of Birth



Brooklyn, NY


Yale University (1910-1912)


Douglas "Bo" Bomeisler is remembered as one of the greatest ends in Yale history despite playing only two complete seasons in both of which he was hampered by injuries. Hurt in the second game against Syracuse, Bomeisler missed the remainder of the 1910 season. During the 1911 season he dislocated his shoulder early in the season and played through the injury throughout the year. Against Princeton he injured his knee. Displaying a creative nature he invented a knee brace made of leather and steel that enabled him to continue playing. In naming "Bo" to his 1911 and 1912 All-America teams, Walter Camp described Bomeisler as, "powerful, thickset, fast, a terror to his opponents." With the forward pass being a recent innovation during his career, Bomeisler's talents were in the areas of blocking and tackling. In his era the punting game was an extremely important facet of the game and "Bo" excelled at racing downfield in punt coverage.


Height 5'11

Weight 190

Career Highlights

  • 1912 Consensus All-America
  • 1911 Consensus All-America
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