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Forest Geyer


Forest Park Geyer

Inducted 1973

Date of Birth



Southaven, KS


University of Oklahoma (1913-1915)


Forest Geyer was a 6-2, 162 pound fullback for coach Bennie Owen at Oklahoma. Geyer was not the typical fullback as we know fullbacks today. Geyer was a passing fullback who often threw as many as 35 passes in a game. One teammate said, "Geyer could throw a ball 50 yards and hit a nickel with it every time." His nickname became "Spot" because of his ability to complete "spot" passes beyond the enemy safety. Owen's offense was truly revolutionary during a time when Walter Camp called passing "wide open recklessness." As a sophomore in 1913, Geyer first gained prominence when he replaced Hall of Fame fullback Claude Reeds, when Reeds was forced to sit out a game due to an eligibility dispute. Geyer led Oklahoma to a 9-1-1 record in 1914 and a 10-0 record the following season. The 1915 team led the nation in scoring with 370 points, while Geyer led the nation in points after touchdowns and became an All-America. A geology student, Geyer later became the president of a Texas Oil Company.


Height 6'2

Weight 162

Career Highlights

  • 1915 All-Conference
  • 1915 First Team All-America
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