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Art Howe


Arthur Howe

Inducted 1973

Date of Birth



South Orange, NJ


Yale University (1909-1911)


The year was 1909, a year of major changes in the game of football, and a year when Yale produced one of the most famous teams in the history of the sport. The timing of the game was changed from 35 minute halves in favor of 15-minute quarters and the value of a field goal was reduced from four points to three. A touchdown was five points. In 1909, Arthur Howe was the sophomore quarterback on a Yale team that went 10-0 and out-scored its opponents 209-0 capturing the national championship. In 1910, he threw a touchdown pass to John Kilpatrick to beat Princeton 5-3. On November 18, 1911 against Princeton, Howe set a collegiate record by returning 18 kicks. After graduation he taught at Loomis School, Taft School and Dartmouth College, became a Presbyterian minister, served as president of Hampton Institute and chairman of the Tilton, New Hampshire School for Wayward Boys. He was a consensus All-America in 1911 and gained All-America mention in both 1909 and 1910.


Height 5'10

Weight 153

Career Highlights

  • 1911 Consensus All-America
  • 1910 Second Team All-America
  • 1909 Second Team All-America
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