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Pa Corbin


William Herbert Corbin

Inducted 1969

Date of Birth



Hartford, CT


Yale University (1886-1888)


William Corbin was a tall, raw-boned New Englander with a handlebar moustache and was the captain of one of the most famous football teams in history - the 1888 Yale squad which held all 13 opponents scoreless while running up a total of 698 points. "The captain should be the real leader," he said, appraising his position. "He should be able to say `come on' instead of `go on.' He should be a strategist, always checking the signals and often changing them. Quarterbacks may come and go, but the captain should always be largely responsible for the tactics and the success of the plays." Corbin was the inspiration behind the great Yale team. The respect he enjoyed came because he was both strict and fair. His nickname was "Pa" Corbin. The strongest language he used was to call someone, "You big cow." Yale's record was 31-0-1 in his career. He later became Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Hartford, Connecticut.


Height 6'2

Weight 185

Career Highlights

  • 1888 First Team All-America (retroactive))
  • 1887 First Team All-America (retroactive)
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