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Ed McGinley


Edward Francis McGinley, Jr.

Inducted 1979

Date of Birth



Chester, PA


University of Pennsylvania (1923-1924)


Ed McGinley is the most effective lineman I've seen in a long while, the great Amos Alonzo Stagg proclaimed after watching McGinley play. McGinley downed many a star ball carrier before his years at Penn were over. McGinley stood 5-11, and weighed 185-pounds, his size was suitable for play in the 1920s. His speed was virtually unmatched by any other tackle of comparable size in the collegiate arena. McGinley was particularly effective in downing punts within the opponents' 20-yard line. The 1924 Penn-Cornell Thanksgiving Day Classic went down in history as a punting duel, and McGinley was largely responsible for that duel. McGinley set the Big Red back twice in the opening minutes by downing punts within the Cornell 20-yard line. In the final quarter, McGinley downed a Penn punt on the Cornell ten-yard line and another Quaker boot on the Big Red's 11-yard line. He played almost the entire game, as Penn romped to a 20-0 victory. When selecting McGinley for his 1924 All-America team, Walter Camp said, "He has that greatest of assets - consistency. He has played no poor games. He is an ideal tackle for our team, possessed as he is of the necessary weight and power to fulfill the requirements of both modern attack and defense."


Height 5'11

Weight 185

Career Highlights

  • 1924 Consensus All-America
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