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Danny Fortmann


Daniel John Fortmann

Inducted 1978

Date of Birth



Pearl River, NY


Colgate University (1933-1935)


He was the best player I ever coached, Colgate coach Andy Kerr said of Danny Fortmann. "He blocked with the sureness of a chopping axe. With his keen sense of play development, he always seemed to turn up where he could be most effective," Kerr remarked. Fortmann joined the Colgate team as a 17-year-old sophomore whose goal was to become a doctor. During his junior and senior years Colgate played remarkable football and Andy Kerr attributed much of his success to Dan Fortmann. "A key block by Danny made possible our first touchdown against Holy Cross in 1934 on an 85-yard punt return, and started us on the way to a spectacular victory," Kerr proclaimed. "Against undefeated Syracuse that season, Danny turned the tide by leading three stone-wall stands within our five-yard line. Again his blocking set up the punt return that clinched the victory." Andy Kerr's team was as good as he claimed, losing only to Ohio State in 1934. Fortmann was practically ignored by the pros, who considered the 6-foot, 200 pounder too small. The Chicago Bears chose him in the final round of the draft and paid him $110 a game. He earned All-Pro honors six times in eight years. A Phi Beta Kappa student, Fortmann attained his goal of becoming a physician. He became one of the nation's leading surgeons


Height 6'0

Weight 200

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