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Parker Hall


Linus Parker Hall

Inducted 1991

Date of Birth



Tunica, MS


University of Mississippi (1936-1938)


His name is in the record book as Parker Hall, he was known on the football field as "Bullet" Hall, and in formal text he is Linus Parker Hall. By any name, he had a dream season in 1938. He led the nation in scoring and all-purpose yardage and was named to a first-team All-America. He scored 73 points on 11 touchdowns and seven extra points. He gained 1,420 yards in 11 games on the all-purpose chart; this includes rushing, pass receiving, kick returns and interception returns. And he was also the national leader in rushing average, kick return average, most interceptions, and touchdowns responsible for (11 rushing, 11 passing). Mississippi had not won a Southeastern Conference game for two years, but this changed in 1938 with a new coach, Harry Mehre, and Hall's scintillating play. Ole Miss went 3-2 in the conference, 9-2 overall. Hall also played five years of pro ball and three years for St. Mary's Preflight. In 1939, with the Cleveland Rams, he was Most Valuable Player in the National Football League. He moved to Memphis in 1947 and was in the lumber business 37 years before retiring.


Height 6'0

Weight 198

Career Highlights

  • 1938 All-Conference
  • 1938 First Team All-America
  • 1938 Led nation in all-purpose yards
  • 1938 Led nation in scoring
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