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Eddie Talboom


Edward Talboom

Inducted 2000

Date of Birth



Delphos, OH


University of Wyoming (1948-1950)


Eddie Talboom was born May 5, 1921, at Delphos, Ohio. He moved to South Bend, Indiana, where he played football at Washington High School. He was in the military in World War II. Upon his return to civilian life, he enrolled at the University of Wyoming and played under Bowden Wyatt 1948-50. He stood 5-10 in height and weighed only 157 pounds. But he starred in the Wyoming single-wing. He ran, passed, punted, and place-kicked. He was Wyoming's first first-team All-America in 1950 and Wyoming's first Hall of Famer. Talboom scored 130 points in 1950, third in the nation. In his career, he scored 34 touchdowns and 99 extra points. This gave him a total of 303 points. His scoring average of 10.2 points per game, was the fifth highest on record in 2000. He passed for 21 touchdowns, returned ten kicks, and intercepted two passes. Wyoming went 9-1 in 1949, and 10-0 in 1950. In 1949, Talboom scored 29 points against Colorado State. He led the Skyline Conference in scoring three times. The 1950 Wyoming team beat Washington and Lee 20-7 in the Gator Bowl. Talboom was responsible for all 20 points. Talboom graduated with a major in history. He taught and coached at the high school level.


Height 5'10

Weight 157

Career Highlights

  • 1950 All-Conference
  • 1950 First Team All-America
  • 1949 All-Conference
  • 1948 All-Conference
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