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Doc Fenton


George Elwood Fenton

Inducted 1971

Date of Birth



Scranton, PA


Louisiana State University (1907-1909)

Mansfield University (1905-1906)


George Ellwood "Doc" Fenton had a six-year playing career, covering 1904-1906 at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania and 1907-1909 at Louisiana State. He played end at Mansfield and starred as a receiver in 1906, the first year of the legal forward pass. He enrolled at Louisiana State and was an end in 1907. He also place-kicked field goals and extra points and scored 107 points in 1907. Louisiana State became the first American college to play a football game on foreign soil. On Christmas Day, 1907, LSU defeated Havana University at Havana, Cuba, 56-0. Fenton scored the game's first touchdown. In 1908, he played two games at end, then became a quarterback for the rest of his career. He scored 132 points in 1908, 59 points in 1909. For his three years at LSU he totaled 298 points. This included 36 touchdowns. His longest field goal was 45 yards. Mansfield had a 11-3 record in his time, LSU was 25-5 for his three years. After finishing at Louisiana State, he coached two years, then entered the oil business in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Height 6'0"

Weight 165

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