November 19, 2015


Ohio State vs. Michigan State

While the Ohio State – Michigan rivalry is well known for outcomes that ruin undefeated seasons and national championship aspirations for the vanquished, the Buckeyes have suffered two memorable upsets at the hands of the Michigan State Spartans as well.

On November 9, 1974 the top-ranked 8-0 Buckeyes traveled to East Lansing to meet the unranked 4-3-1 Spartans.  The Ohio State offense was led by eventual Heisman winner Archie Griffin and was averaging 45 points a game while the defense was surrendering less than ten points per contest. MSU had won their previous two games after suffering a four-game stretch where the best outcome was a 21-21 tie against Illinois.

The Buckeyes and Spartans played a hard fought game up until the very last second. A bad snap was gathered up by Ohio State’s Brian Baschnagel as he fell into the end zone with what appeared to be a winning score.  One official signaled touchdown while another signed that time had expired.  Fans and players from both teams were on the field celebrating victory.  Big Ten commissioner Wayne Duke left the press box to confer with officials to determine the game’s outcome. After 45 minutes it was determined that the play came after the final whistle and MSU was the winner.

Twenty four years later on November 7, 1998 Ohio State was again top-ranked and hosting Nick Saban’s 4-4 Spartans.   However, the resilient Spartans were able to stun the Buckeye nation by adding a game ending interception to seal off OSU’s national championship dreams.

Who’s ready to watch another drama filled match-up this weekend? We're in!

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