Birthday Parties

Make their day legendary. Host an unforgettable birthday party at the Hall of Fame with our exciting packages and activities

A Birthday for a Legend

Give your little legend an unforgettable birthday party at the Hall of Fame! Reserve your spot today for a fan-favorite Atlanta celebration. Contact us at 404-880-4853 or click below to book.


*Package excludes food and beverage, which can be purchased additionally. Outside food and beverages are not allowed, only cake. Sales tax not included

Fumbles Plays Catch With Young Fan
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Curriculum Playbooks

The Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame’s Playbooks provide a resource for educators to combine the passion for football and your students visit to the Hall of Fame with learning in an interactive and immersive way.

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Icon Steam Playbooks

Steam Playbooks

Ignite young minds with our engaging STEAM curriculum, tailored to inspire and educate children during their museum experience.

Icon Technology Playbooks

Technology Playbooks

Discover the future with our engaging technology curriculum, designed to inspire and educate young minds during their museum visit.

Icon Socialjustice Playbook

Social Justice Playbooks

Foster awareness with our immersive social justice curriculum, empowering individuals to engage in meaningful discussions during their museum visit.

Icon Financial Playbook

Financial Playbooks

Empower future leaders with our comprehensive financial curriculum, fostering financial literacy and skill development during their museum visit.

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A trip to the College Football Hall of Fame with my students is not just educational—it's a touchdown of inspiration and teamwork!

- Teacher Metro Public Schools

Exploring the Hall of Fame together brought our family closer, creating cherished memories rooted in the love of the game. This place is awesome!

- Beth Ann

Our team-building outing at the College Football Hall of Fame was a winning strategy—bonding over football legends and forging connections that last beyond the boardroom.

- Corporate


Make your group trip to the Hall of Fame a delicious and hassle-free experience with Chick-fil-A catering! Treat your team to the unbeatable combination of convenience and mouthwatering flavors, making your visit to the Hall of Fame even more memorable. Chick-fil-A catering: the perfect choice for a winning group excursion!


Contact restaurant #02977:
Call 404-549-7993 or email

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How many people are needed for a group outing?

A minimum of 15 people are needed in order to book a group outing.

How long does a typical visit to the Hall last?

Typically, a visit lasts about 2 hours.

Is lunch provided?

No, however, groups can bring sack lunches or order Chick-fil-A lunches from the restaurant next door to the Hall.


To order Chick-fil-A lunches, contact Chick-fil-A #02977 by calling 404-549-7993 or emailing

Is parking provided?

We do not provide parking, however, bus parking is available through The Marshalling Yard and public parking is available in the Green Deck (more info here).

When is payment due?

We ask for full payment seven days prior to your group’s visit, exceptions can be made for special circumstances. Please contact our group sales team for more information:

Book YourGroup Trip

Fill out the form and Hall Management will be in contact with you to discuss further details.

Other methods of contact:


Thank you for contacting us. We’ll be in touch with you soon.

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