When does college football start?

The college football season officially begins on Saturday, Aug. 25, 2018!

Countdown to college football!

What is life without the boys of fall? How do you plan your Saturday when there is no tailgate to attend and no real reason to don your favorite jersey all day long? We get it. As soon as the confetti is swept up and the National Championship trophy is brought to its new home, we are sad too.

To help cope with that awful time of the year not called “Football Season," we have the Countdown Clock. The Countdown Clock is available 24/7, for you to get real time updates on how much time (down to the second!) is left until August 25th, so you'll know exactly how many days until college football starts up again. 

Until then, get your pom poms ready, plan the tailgate menu and wash your jersey, because football season is almost back! And, if you really can't wait till August 25th to start the season, check out College Football Hall of Fame's upcoming events.  

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