College Football Once Upon A Time | New Exhibit

February 2023 - April 2023
College Football Hall of Fame
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Explore the age-old tradition of storytelling, using college football as an illustration, through the College Football Hall of Fame’s newest exhibit – College Football Once Upon a Time. From February – April, guests can enjoy the temporary exhibit, including artifacts and content that explore the five elements of storytelling, including:


  1. Character: Learn about the legendary feats of the game’s pioneers, characters who are worthy of recognition.
  2. Setting: Connect the importance of setting to the story by looking at past and present stadiums.
  3. Plot: Experience the emotional highs and lows of the plots surrounding key games and teams.
  4. Conflict: See literary conflicts engaged in by teams and individuals in David v. Goliath, Character v. Society and Character v. Nature situations.
  5. Theme: Experience how college football embodies literary themes of journey and quest.


The exhibit’s immersive experience will feature the Hall of Fame’s extensive collection of college football artifacts, illustrating the never-ending story of the game. The Hall is excited to inspire its fans to go forward and share new stories, imparting to future generations the value of college football.

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