Hall of Fame Curriculum Playbooks


The Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame's Playbooks provide a resource for educators to combine the passion for football and your students' visit to the Hall of Fame with learning in an interactive and immersive way. Please contact our group tour advisors to download your class Playbook and schedule your field trip to the College Football Hall of Fame

To book, call 404-880-4853, or click below.

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  • Q: How many curriculums are available for students?
    • A: There is a total of 4 grade level curriculums available for students (STEAM TECHNOLOGY FINANCIAL SOCIAL JUSTICE)
  • Q: What curriculums are available at each grade level?
    • A: Grades 3-5 STEAM playbook for students and teachers
    • A: Grades 6-8 STEAM and TECHNOLOGY playbook for students and teachers
    • A: Grades 9-12 STEAM TECHNOLOGY playbook for students and teachers FINANCIAL playbook for teachers
    • A: Grades 5-12 SOCIAL JUSTICE playbook for teachers

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