Meet the Ambassadors of L.E.A.D.

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On February 22, 2015, from 2PM – 4PM, L.E.A.D.™’s 7th Ambassador Class will be at the College Football Hall of Fame to meet you and take you on an interactive journey through their Ambassador Experience.

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L.E.A.D.™ is a non-profit organization operating in Atlanta, GA., whose mission is to provide at-risk, inner city, youth males with access to higher education and civic engagement. By using the sport of baseball as the motivating tool, L.E.A.D.(TM) provides young men with programming that shows them how to be productive citizens and allows them to turn citizenship from a noun to a verb.

L.E.A.D.™’s vision embraces 3 words: Launching, Exposing and Advising.

  • Launching student athletes towards educational opportunities after converting raw talent into the skills required for entry into college athletic programs.
  • Exposing teens to service and local enrichment activities in order to instill a sense of responsibility, belonging and investment; key requirements for building a civically engaged individual.
  • Advising players, coaches and parents on the process of effectively supporting dreams of playing baseball on the college level.

Ambassadors™ is one of L.E.A.D.™’s year round programs designed to launch student athletes towards educational and career opportunities, expose youth to serve and local enrichment activities, advice coaches, parents and other stakeholders and direct you towards their promise.