The Story of Fumbles

Fumbles, who was born on November 6, came from humble beginnings in a small town in central New Jersey.. It just so happens that in that same town, New Brunswick, N..J, back in 1869 the great game of college football also got its start. Football and Fumbles were destined to be joined from that moment on. Fumbles parents were a bit of an odd couple, but they tried to give Fumbles the life of a normal kid. It was obvious from the beginning that he was different than the other kids, yet Fumbles was determined to fit in and be the best Fanimal he could be.

He attended grade school but never could quite find his place. It was his love for football that gave him an outlet where he felt “normal.”. With his size he surely would excel and stand out on the playing field. His skills helped get Fumbles to college. His college coaches saw Fumbles’ incredible size and skill and thought giving him the football would help them score plenty of points. Unfortunately, after 47 consecutive turnovers, it was obvious that the playing field may not be the place for him either. The name Fumbles was all too fitting. The coaches knew that he wasn’t going to make the team but they saw how much fun he was having,  and how much the team loved him, so they found another very important job for him as the team’s sideline captain and water boy.

During his college years Fumbles had no problem fitting in. He joined all the social clubs and became someone everyone wanted to be around. His spirit and enthusiasm was contagious and it was clear the Fanimal was finally part of a team.

Like most young men back in those days, Fumbles accepted the call to serve his country. After his years of service, it was time to enter the business world. Fumbles ventured out to find a career, but his heart kept bringing him back to football and his passion for being part of the team.

Fumbles’ friends and family heard about the exciting new college football shrine that was being built in Atlanta. The new College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience seemed like the only place that Fumbles would feel at home and where he would able to share the love and excitement that he has for the great game of football. The College Football Hall of Fame needed a mascot and Fumbles was the perfect Fanimal to spread the fun with the fans.

The Hall of Fame created Fumbles’ new home in the middle of the Archives; he sleeps on a nice pile of down markers and pylons and likes to cuddle up with a replica of the Heisman trophy and a first down marker. 

He is ecstatic to be able to work at such a wonderful place, and the Hall of Fame is incredibly lucky to have college football’s number one fan, Fumbles the Fanimal!