AT&T Game Time

From the rivalries unique to college football to the split-second decisions that create the game’s most memorable moments, the AT&T Game Time gallery explores the intensity, passion and fun around the game.


ATT Call the play

In Rivalries, visitors explore the game’s most storied rivalries and test their knowledge by matching up college football rivals and uncovering fun facts about the rivalry. Rivalry Hardware offers a look at the trophies awarded in the various rivalries.

In the Regions Bank Greatest Moments film, visitors can relive the most miraculous moments, plays, catches and hits from past.

Anatomy of a Play gives visitors the opportunity to go inside the huddle and slow these critical seconds down, giving them the sights, sounds and inside information that will open their eyes to the amazing communication and adjustments involved in every play. In AT&T Call the Play, visitors can choose from a list of great moments, listen to its famous broadcast and then offer their own rendition. 

The Hall has taken the AT&T Virtual Stadium exhibit to a whole new level by incorporating Samsung Gear VR.  The Oculus technology includes video game style seating with immersive sound to put guests right in the middle of all the action. With more than 20 stadiums hosting some of the biggest rivalry games in college football, visitors can experience the sights, sounds, excitement and drama as if they are actually in the stands or on the field. The exhibit will be updated annually adding more schools as new 360 virtual reality footage is captured during the college football season. 

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